Using Gizmos Lesson Materials with Google Apps


If your school uses Google Drive with or without Google Classroom to facilitate student collaboration and/or electronic submission of work, you can use the Student Exploration Sheets that come with each Gizmo within your Google system.

When Word documents are converted into Google Docs they can sometimes lose important formatting, making the documents more difficult to use. There are several apps that can be connected to Google Drive that can open and edit the PDF version of the Student Exploration Sheet. To do this:

  1.  Upload the PDF version of the Student Exploration Sheet into your Google Drive
  2.  From Google Drive in your browser, right-click on the Student Exploration Sheet PDF 
  3.  Select Open with
  4.  If you have not yet connected a PDF editor to your Google Drive, select Connect more apps
  5.  Select a PDF editor like DocHub and select Connect
  6.  Return to step 2
  7.  Select DocHub or your other selected PDF editor

Please note: You may have to give the PDF editor permission to access your drive or create an account to use it.

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