Viewing Assessments Results


Each Gizmo provides five assessment questions that help test for student understanding. After submitting answers to all Assessment Questions, students are shown their personal results followed by a report explaining the answers. The results for each individual student and the entire class are also immediately available to the teacher.

To see your students’ Assessment Results, click My Classes on the main navigation bar to go to the Class page with the Gizmo whose assessment you want to review. Gizmos with completed assessments are indicated by a green highlighted Graph icon to the right of the Launch button. A number indicates the total completed results. Click the icon to view the results.

On the Assessment Results page each student’s individual answers are shown along with a total and percent correct. Incorrect answers are highlighted in red. Students who have not yet answered any questions have blank rows.

To reset assessment results, check the box next to the students’ names and then click Reset. If you want to reset the results for all students in a class, check the box at the top of the results list.


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