Organizing Gizmos in a Class


We provide several tools to help you manage and organize the Gizmos within a class.

On a Class page you can modify the arrangement and display of Gizmos by hovering over a section heading or Gizmo to bring up an editing menu. Hover over an icon to see a tooltip description.

To reorder a Gizmo, click and hold the Drag to Reorder icon on the far left to move it to a new location. You can also click the More Actions icon on the far right to move a Gizmo or group pf Gizmos up or down. You can only move groups if they have a section text heading.

To hide a Gizmo or text heading, click the Hide from Students icon in the middle to hide the content from students. The hidden content will appear grayed-out to indicate it is hidden. Simply click the icon again to unhide it.

To delete a Gizmo or text heading, click the Delete icon. Deleting a text heading only removes it, not the Gizmos under the heading.


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