Do you support Single Sign On services?


We have two options that allow users to access our products without requiring teachers and students to enter a username and password each time. The protocols we support, LTI and SAML, are broadly used in the following scenarios:

a. If your students and teachers access third party educational products from a common Learning Management System (LMS), we can provide Single Sign On capability via the LTI protocol. Most popular LMS products, including Schoology, Canvas, ClassLink, Desire2Learn, and many others, include support for LTI.

b. If your teachers and students are authenticated through the school or district's SAML capable authentication service (examples of these are Windows Server, Rapid Identity, ADFS, LDAP), we can integrate using your SAML identity provider.

If you would like to begin the setup process, please contact In many cases, we will need to communicate directly with your school or district's IT personnel to administer Single Sign On.

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