Integrating Classes


If you already had a Gizmos account before the connection was made between your school portal and Gizmos, you can preserve your existing Gizmos classes.

On the Integrating Your Classes page, match the classes set up by your district to your existing Gizmos classes.


Select the most appropriate match, or select Create New Class. On the confirmation page, select Next to match the rest of your classes or to create a new one.


If any of the classes set up by your district don’t correspond to any of your existing Gizmos classes, select Create New Class to add the new class.

If any of your Gizmos classes do not match the classes set up by your district, the Gizmos in the classes will be automatically saved in your My Gizmos Lists. These Gizmos can be added to your classes from your Gizmos Class page. 

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