Enrolling Students into a Class


Students can be added to classes in Reflex individually. If a student does not appear on an existing roster in Reflex, they should be added individually.

Select the Class Management tab at the top right of the page after you log into your Teacher Account.

Select Add Student at the center-left of the class roster. In that next box, find "Add New or Import" then select the button to continue to the next field. 

Fields marked with an * are required. When you are done, select Add New Student. If the student already has an account at another school within your subscription, you will be asked if you would like to transfer the existing student account to your school. Doing this will preserve all of the student’s progress and usage data from their previous school. The password is automatically generated for individually added accounts. 

Select Add Another Student to add additional students, or select Ok when you’re finished adding students to your class.

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