Playing the Games


The fluency development games are accessible from the Reflex Island. A visit to the Island becomes available each day after a student completes a Fact Fair and occasionally a Coaching session.

Playing games

To select a game, click its Game Tree House, and then choose Play Now to begin playing or Instructions to learn how to play the game.

At any time, students can leave the game they’re currently playing and choose another. As students answer facts in the games, they will earn tokens to spend at the Reflex store. They also get more tokens for achieving a high score or reaching a new level.

A game session is considered complete once the student reaches Green Light. Students may continue to play, but can only earn so many tokens in a given day.

Unlocking games

At the beginning, students have access to two games: Ninja to the Stars and Wind Rider. As they progress, they can open seven more games: Alien Sundae, Blok Bot, Egyptian Conniption, Fizz Heads, Kirie, QuickSlither, and Swamp Chomper.

After a certain number of Green Light days, students can unlock a new game. A sign below the Kirie Tree House indicates how many Green Light days until they can open another game.

To unlock a game, click the Sign then select a Game from the scrolling menu. Click Unlock to complete the process.


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