What Ages or Grades are Appropriate for Reflex?


Reflex is designed for students in grades 2 and up who show sufficient conceptual readiness in addition and subtraction. 

Teachers often ask whether it is advisable to start advanced grade K and 1 students on the program. To answer this question, we have examined the Reflex results for thousands of young learners, spoken to educators, and reviewed the math curriculum standards in the early grades.

Key findings:

  • Grade K and 1 students, even those handpicked by their teachers, typically gain fluency in Reflex at a much slower rate than grade 2 students
  • Teachers indicate that when young learners struggle to make progress in Reflex, as grade K and 1 students often do, they can lose enthusiasm for Reflex and confidence in themselves
  • Before grade 2, attainment of addition and subtraction automaticity does not enhance success in the elementary school curriculum

Given these findings, we strongly recommend that students wait until grade 2 to begin Reflex. We have developed screening guidelines to help educators determine whether students in grades 2 or higher are conceptually ready to begin work in Reflex.



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