How Does Changing Assignments Affect Overall Fluency?


In Reflex, a student’s fluency percentage is a measure of how well they know their math facts in their current assignment. When a teacher changes a student’s assignment, it will effect that student’s fluency percentage.

When a student’s assignment is changed across assignment groups (Addition and Subtraction to Multiplication and Division or vice versa) the student’s beginning fluency is set to 0%. Reflex must then reassess the student in order to determine which facts the student knows fluently in the new assignment.

If a student’s assignment is changed within an assignment group (from Multiplication and Division 0-10 to Multiplication and Division 0-12, for example) a student’s fluency will appear to drop. Although a student will retain all the facts they mastered in Multiplication and Division 0-10, their fluency percentage goes down because the Multiplication and Division 0-12 assignment contains more facts than the original assignment.

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