Can Reflex Be Slowed Down?


Reflex cannot be slowed down, although the program does take into account a child's slower typing speed when calculating their fluency during the Fact Fair.

The aim of Reflex is to build students’ speed in answering math facts correctly until they are effortlessly retrieving facts from long-term memory. When some students start the program, Fact Fair and the games can seem fast. This is very likely because they’re being asked facts they are less familiar with during the initial assessment. Once the initial assessment is complete, Fact Fair will ask students facts that they have been working on and therefore are more likely to know. Students will also usually acclimate to the speed and begin to make progress in Reflex.

All the Reflex games move at a pace that encourages automatic recall of facts. Students strive to do well in the games, and since doing well means answering facts quickly and accurately, their response times will decrease. Some Reflex games are faster than others and Wind Rider is a good initial game to try if a student is anxious about answering quickly.


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