Gizmos Lesson Materials Overview


Lesson Materials

Every Gizmo offers a complete set of instructional materials, which can be used as-is in a PDF or customized in a Word document. Materials include:

  • Teacher Guide provides teachers detailed lesson information for using the Gizmo in instruction. Every guide includes learning objectives, vocabulary used in the lesson, lesson overview, suggested lesson sequence, mathematical or scientific background, and selected web resources.
  • Student Exploration Sheet guides students through scaffolded lessons designed to encourage inquiry and exploration. Every guide includes vocabulary, prior knowledge questions, Gizmo warm-up, and multiple activities to choose from.
  • Student Exploration Answer Key for teachers only.
  • Vocabulary Sheet presents the key language and concepts from the lesson.

Teachers have access to all the materials, while students have access to the Student Exploration and Vocabulary Sheets only.

Accessing Lesson Materials

Lesson Materials are found on the Gizmo Lesson Info Page. This is the default landing page when you select a Gizmo from a list or search. Once you launch a Gizmo, they remain accessible from the Lesson Info Menu in the top navigation bar. Open documents in a separate tab or window to keep the Gizmo open.

All Lesson Materials are available to view, print or download in PDF or Word format. Choose the Word document if you want to edit the materials. This is handy for customizing Student Exploration Sheets to include only certain activities or to add your own activities. As part of the community features on the website, teachers can contribute lessons or download lessons created by others.

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