Making Gizmos Appear Larger


Responsive display automatically sizes Gizmos to fit most computer, laptop, tablet and other mobile device screens. However, you can also view Gizmos in presentation or full-screen mode for use on projection devices like whiteboards.

To resize a Gizmo for projection:

  1. From a launched Gizmo, click the Presentation Mode icon directly below the Gizmo or next to the Add to Class button at the top right of the page. The Gizmo will become nearly full screen in your browser window.
  2. Once in Presentation Mode, you can choose the Full Screen icon (with four arrows) to make the Gizmo take up the entire screen (i.e. hides browser navigation and toolbar elements).
  3. Select the Normal View icon (with two arrows) or press your keyboard’s ESC key to return to the regular display.

You can also use the built-in zoom features of your Internet browser to resize a launched Gizmo page. This is useful if you’d like to retain access to the Lesson Materials or Assessment Questions during presentation. Please refer to your browser’s help and support for specific details.

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