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Search Tips

ExploreLearning Gizmos features a library of more than 400 online math and science simulations. There are several tools that make it easy for you to find just the right Gizmo for your lesson or class. See our article on finding Gizmos for help on how to search and browse for Gizmos.

The following search tips can help you create the best searches to find the Gizmos you want.

When to use keyword search

Keyword search allows you to search the entire Gizmo library by a term or set of terms. This is a great method to use if you want to see the full range of Gizmos available on a topic; or if you have a very specific term you want to find.

However, if you have a specific subject (such as biology or algebra), academic standard or grade level keep in mind that it is better to use Browse to locate a Gizmo.

Choosing search terms

Enter a single specific word or a couple general ones that best match your topic. A search will query across a Gizmo’s title and description, and then return results that match to any of the words you enter. Search results display the most relevant results first, such as those with your terms in the title or appearing multiple times.

If your search returns too many results, try to add another term that could help to narrow the results. Conversely, if your search returns no or too few results, try a broader, less specific term.

For example, searching light will return a large set of results; while a more specific term, such as spectrum, will yield a more targeted, manageable list. Similarly, entering biology light will return a large set of results, but the Gizmos at the top of the list will focus on the biological importance of light rather than its physical properties.

Searching for an exact phrase

To specify an exact phrase, use double quotes. A search for “line graph” will return only those Gizmos with the specific line graph in the title or description. A search for line graph (without quotes) will return any Gizmos with the term line or graph.

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