Reflex Island Games


Reflex Island is where students can choose from a variety of exciting games to practice their math facts. These fun, engaging games encourage students to solve math facts to advance. Unlike typical math fact games, they require students to engage in increasingly complex and fast-paced decision making.

All the games in Reflex use an adaptive practice engine to ensure that each student receives customized, systematic practice appropriate to his or her individual needs. It’s this “smart practice” that turns known facts into fluent facts.

At the beginning students have access to two games. An additional seven games are unlocked as students make progress. Students can choose from among the following:

  • Alien Sundae: serve ice cream with lots of toppings to hungry aliens
  • Blok Bot: harvest colors with your bot to clear as many levels as you can
  • Egyptian Conniption: fend off encroaching foes with Kitty's glaring eyes and fast tail
  • Fizz Heads: match colors to dissolve fizzy critters before they stack up
  • Kirie: collect keys to save Kirie's animal friends from evil poachers
  • Ninja to the Stars: leap across platforms to reach the stars before you fall
  • QuickSlither: avoid enemies and grab power-ups with your spaceship
  • Swamp Chomper: eat as many bugs as you can before your lily pad sink
  • Wind Rider: pilot a hot air balloon as far as you can before the sun goes down

 At any time, students can leave the game they’re currently playing and choose another. There’s no instructional value in sticking with one game. Reflex makes sure that students get the practice they need, regardless of which game they’re playing.


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