Milestones Overview


Milestones are a great way to recognize, reward and challenge students. Reflex tracks milestones for both individual students and groups. There are two types of milestones:

  • Those that mark effort – “1,000 Total Facts Solved!”
  • Those that mark fluency achievement – “50 New Fluent Facts!” or “You are 70% Fluent!”

Viewing milestone

When a student reaches a milestone, an alert appears on the Teacher Dashboard and in the School Year Overview in Individual Reports.

To see all milestones you can either:

  • Click a Milestone Alert from the Teacher Dashboard
  • Go to Individual or Group Reports, then choose Milestones report from the drop-down menu

Teacher Accounts can access individual and class milestones. Administrator Accounts can access individual, class, grade, and institution milestones. Milestone data is only available for the current school year.

Printing milestones

All milestones are available as printable certificates. To make things easier, Reflex also remembers which certificates you have already printed!

To print milestone certificates go to Group Reports Milestones. Group milestones are at the top; individual are milestones at the bottom.

  • Click Print next to a group or individual to print a specific set of certificates
  • Click Print All Unprinted button to print all new certificates only

You can also print certificates for a single student from Individual Reports Milestones.


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