Unlocking Games and Store Items


Unlocking Games

At the beginning, students have access to two games: Ninja to the Stars and Wind Rider. As they progress, they can open seven more games: Alien Sundae, Blok Bot, Egyptian Conniption, Fizz Heads, Kirie, QuickSlither, and Swamp Chomper.

After a certain number of Green Light days, students can unlock a new game. A sign below the Kirie Tree House indicates how many Green Light days until they can open another game.

To unlock a game, click the Sign then select a Game from the scrolling menu. Click Unlock to complete the process.

Unlocking Store Items

As students use Reflex, they earn tokens. They can spend the tokens in the Reflex Store to purchase clothes, hairstyles and accessories for their avatars or decorations for their Progress Tree.

Students can access the Store from the Reflex Island, but not until they have achieved the Green Light for the day.

Students generally do not receive more than 120 tokens in a given day. This allows them to earn extra tokens through extended or repeated sessions, while discouraging extra-long game sessions, which are ultimately less effective than shorter, daily practice.


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