Setting and Changing Assignments


Your student can be given one of these three assignments in Reflex:

  • Addition and subtraction 0-10
  • Multiplication and division 0-10
  • Multiplication and division 0-12

Students may only have one assignment in Reflex at a time. When a child reaches 100% fluency in an assignment, they should be moved to the next assignment.

If you are confused about where a student should start, please see our article: What assignment is appropriate for a student?

Please note: If you wish for a student to work in more than one assignment simultaneously (for instance, work on both addition and subtraction and multiplication and division at the same time), a second account and student ID must be created for that student so they can be enrolled twice in Reflex with two different assignments.

Setting an assignment

When students are enrolled in Reflex, they can all be given the same Default Assignment using the Add New Class command. Or, if entering students individually, use the Assignment drop down to give each student their assignment.

Changing an assignment

When a student achieves 100% fluency in an assignment in Reflex, the student is ready to move to a new assignment.

In the Class Management tab under the Assignment heading, you can find the current assignment for the student. Select the dropdown list and choose the new assignment for the student. Once selected, you will receive a warning that changing the assignment could lead to a loss of data.

Please note: Switching operations twice; such as from Addition and Subtraction to Multiplication and Division and then back again, will result in a loss of data from the original assignment. Data will stay intact only if you switch the assignment once.

If the assignment change is within the same Assignment Group, such as changing Multiplication and Division 0 – 10 to Multiplication and Division 0 – 12, all of the student's usage, milestone, and fluency data will be retained. In addition, the student's current tokens, avatar appearance, state of the Progress Tree, and store purchases will also be kept.

If the assignment change is to a different Assignment Group, such as Addition and Subtraction 0 – 10 to Multiplication and Division 0 – 10 or Multiplication and Division 0 – 12, that student's usage, milestones, and fluency data from the old assignment or assignment group will NOT be retained. The Progress Tree will reset to its initial setting (as an acorn) since the student has not yet made any progress in the new assignment. However, the student's current tokens, avatar appearance, and store purchases will be kept, and any purchases made for the Progress Tree will reappear once the tree is big enough to support the items again.


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