Inviting Additional Reflex Adminstrators


Reflex allows administrator-level accounts (District or School) to create additional administrator accounts for that same subscription or contract.

To create a new Reflex administrator account you will need to log in to your Reflex Administrator Account. Here is a short video explaining the procedure or see below for step by step instruction.

1. Click the User Management tab on the right side of the screen. Invite_Teacher_Screen_1a.jpg

2. Select the Admins tab.

3. Click Invite Admins button at the bottom of the tab.

4. Input the number of uses that you would like to select for the code.

5. Click the Generate Code Button. 

6. Click the Send Registration Link Button. This should open an email in your default email browser or app. If an email is not opened go to the Reflex Registration Page and use the Registration Code provided. 

If the user does not see the email, please have them check their spam or clutter folder.

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