Creating Additional Reflex Adminstrator Accounts


Reflex allows administrator-level accounts (District or School) to create additional administrator accounts for that same subscription or contract.

To create a new Reflex administrator account you will need to log in to your Reflex Administrator Account.

  1. Click the Users button at the top left on the Reflex Dashboard.
  2. Select the Administrators
  3. Click the Create Administrator button at the bottom left. A pop-up window will open.
  4. Enter the information. Fields marked * are required. Once complete, click Save.
  5. After saving, the new account will be listed in the roster on the Administrators tab.

Please note that Reflex does not automatically send an account notification to the newly created administrator. You will need to provide the credentials to that person via email, etc.

Deleting administrators can be accomplished by selecting their name and selecting Delete at the bottom left.


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