Updating and Promoting Students Via CSV File


It’s quick and easy to update and promote (i.e. move from one grade to the next) a group of student profiles for the new school year using a CSV file.

To make changes, log in to your Reflex Administrator Account:

  1. Click the Users button at the top left of the Reflex Dashboard
  2. Select All Grades from the drop-down menu on the Student tab
  3. Click the Export List button at the bottom of the Student tab and save the file
  4. Open the saved CSV file, edit the Grade Level and any other student information* you wish to update, and then save your changes
  5. Return to Reflex, click the Users button and then click the Create Students button at the bottom of the Student tab
  6. Select Import a group of students using a CSV file
  7. From the pop-up window, click Browse to select the file you are importing, then click Next
  8. Verify that the data has been imported correctly, then click Import to complete your update (please note: passwords will not appear in the preview, but will be imported)

* The system matches student accounts by the combination of Last Name and Student ID. Changing either one of those fields will cause the CSV import to interpret the record as a new student, triggering the creation of a new account rather than an update to an existing account.


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