Importing Students via CSV File


There are two ways to create student accounts: import student information from an existing file or create accounts one-by-one by typing the information. To import students, you will need a comma-delimited (CSV) file. Many student information systems and spreadsheet applications can export data in this format.

Preparing your CSV file for import

The first row of the file should contain the column names; the subsequent rows contain the student information that match the column names.

  • Required column names: FirstName, LastName, StudentID, and GradeLevel
  • Optional column names: MiddleName, Language, Password, Gender, LimitedEnglishProficiency, Ethnicity, EconomicallyDisadvantaged, and SpecialEdStatus

All student IDs must be unique. For the LimitedEnglishProficiency, EconomicallyDisadvantaged, and SpecialEdStatus columns, the required data is: Yes or No.

Ethnicity is indicated by a code number: 11 (Hispanic/Latino), 12 (American Indian/Alaska Native), 13 (Asian), 14 (Black/African American), 15 (Native Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander), 16 (White), 17 (Two or more races).

You can download a sample CSV file to get you started by following the first three importing your CSV file steps below, then downloading the Sample CSV File. Open the file, delete the sample student data and replace it with your own data. Once complete, save the file as a CSV file.

Importing your CSV file

Once your file is ready, log in to your Reflex Administrator Account:

Creating Student Accounts Using a CSV File:

               1. Select the school from the drop down menu at the top of the page, if needed.
               2. After creating your .CSV file, select User Management.
               3. In the Students tab, select  Import Students at the bottom left of the page.
               4. Drag and drop or click to select the completed .CSV file.
               5. Review the changes and, if correct, select Import.
               6. The students will then appear in a list from which teachers can choose to add to classes.

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