Importing Students via CSV File


There are two ways to create student accounts: import student information from an existing file or create accounts one-by-one by typing the information. To import students, you will need a comma-delimited (CSV) file. Many student information systems and spreadsheet applications can export data in this format.

Preparing your CSV file for import

The first row of the file should contain the column names; the subsequent rows contain the student information that match the column names.

  • Required column names: FirstName, LastName, StudentID, and GradeLevel
  • Optional column names: MiddleName, Language, Password, Gender, LimitedEnglishProficiency, Ethnicity, EconomicallyDisadvantaged, and SpecialEdStatus

All student IDs must be unique. For the LimitedEnglishProficiency, EconomicallyDisadvantaged, and SpecialEdStatus columns, the required data is: Yes or No.

Ethnicity is indicated by a code number: 11 (Hispanic/Latino), 12 (American Indian/Alaska Native), 13 (Asian), 14 (Black/African American), 15 (Native Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander), 16 (White), 17 (Two or more races).

You can download a sample CSV file to get you started by following the first three importing your CSV file steps below, then downloading the Sample CSV File. Open the file, delete the sample student data and replace it with your own data. Once complete, save the file as a CSV file.

Importing your CSV file

Once your file is ready, log in to your Reflex Administrator Account:

  1. Click the Users button at the top left on the Reflex Dashboard
  2. Click Create Students button at the bottom of the Student tab
  3. Choose Import a group of students using a CSV file
  4. From the pop-up window, click Browse to select the file you are importing, then click Next
  5. Review the preview table of the data from your CSV file and verify that the information is correct:
    1. To exclude a student from the import, click the Close icon at the end of a student’s row
    2. To edit the content of a cell, click on the cell. Any rows with an error will be highlighted in red. If the file has conflicting or missing Student IDs, you will be prompted to fix these errors in the file and then reimport it. You cannot move to the next step until all errors are fixed
  6. After completing review, click Next; this checks if any students on your list already have accounts at other schools within your subscription. If there are accounts where both the last name and student ID match one or more students in your file, you will be asked if you want to transfer those accounts to your school:
    1. Check the boxes to select the student accounts you want to transfer, then click Next (transferring student accounts will preserve their progress and usage data from their previous school)
    2. If you are transferring any student accounts, confirm the changes
  7. Click Import; the students from your CSV file will now appear in the student roster


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