Filtering Reports


Filters allow teachers and administrators to view reports by different subsets of information.

To begin, click the Reports button at the top of the Reflex Dashboard. There are two main filters available. They will apply the filters across all the Group and Individual Reports.

The first filter allows you to view reports by specific grade, teacher or class. Click the Drop-down Menu at the top left of the Reports page to select the group you want to view. The default is All Students. Please note that some views are dependent upon your account type.

The second filter allows you to view reports by specific demographics. Click the Add Custom Filter button at the top right of the Reports page. Select the criteria from the resulting menu, then click Apply. Click Change Filter to edit or Remove Filter to clear. Please note you can only filter by gender, LEP status, economic status, special education status, and ethnicity filters if that student data has been added to Reflex.

Some reports have additional filters that allow you to change information such as chart data, assignment, or date. Drop-down menus for these can found within the specific report area of the Group and Individual Reports.


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