Using the Personal Avatar


When students start using Reflex, they create an avatar. The options for customizing the avatar are limited on the first day, so students can get started as quickly as possible. In later sessions, they will have the chance to go back and adjust their avatar’s appearance.

Using tokens they earn in the games, students can buy hairdos, outfits, and accessories at the virtual store. The store and student avatar are only available once they have earned the Green Light for the day.

To change an avatar’s looks and outfits:

  1. Hover over the Avatar Image. This will open two icons
  2. Click the Avatar Icon to bring up the Your Avatar Options include Gender, Color, Face, Clothes, and Accessories. Click an item or slider to change a feature. You will able to see a preview of any changes on the avatar
  3. When done, click X to close the menu and then select Yes or No to accept changes

It’s also possible to change avatar outfits, accessories, and hair, eyes and color from the Reflex Store. However, not every customizable feature is available in the store. And it is easier to see purchased items from your avatar, as the store displays everything (new and sold). Read Using the Reflex Store to learn more about this functionality.


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