Using the Gizmo Screenshot Feature


Using the Gizmo Screenshot Feature

The Gizmos screenshot feature allows you to take screen captures of a Gizmo. With only a couple clicks, you can place a custom image taken from your Gizmo into a document like a worksheet or a test.

There are two screenshot tools available:

  • Whole-Gizmo Screenshot captures the entire Gizmo
  • Partial-Gizmo Screenshot captures a portion of the Gizmo, such as a chart or section of an experiment

To take a screenshot:

  1. Select the Screenshot Icon from either the Gizmos Tools Menu (for Whole-Gizmo Screenshot) or from the section of the Gizmo you want to capture (for Partial-Gizmo Screenshot). Please note that not all Gizmos feature a partial screenshot option.
  2. After clicking the Screenshot Icon, a preview of the image will appear. Right click the Image Preview to copy or download.
  3. Use copy-paste to place the image into a document or file. Typically this is done by right clicking and selecting paste.

Please note: Older Gizmos use slightly different icons and placement for the screenshot feature. They also do not offer an image preview – the image is automatically copied and can be placed into a document by using the paste functionality after pressing the Screenshot Icon.


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