Teacher My Homepage Overview


When you log in to ExploreLearning, you are taken to your My Homepage. It gives you quick access to your classes, Gizmos recommendations, support tools and more. You can return to your homepage from anywhere on the site by clicking My Classes in the top right.

The My Homepage is organized into several sections:

My Classes

Access and manage your classes. Click a class to go to it or manage the Gizmos for that class. You can add a class by selecting the + icon.

Recommended Gizmos

Discover recommendations for you from our library of over 400 Gizmos. Recommended Gizmos will appear here based on the What I Teach section of your Account Settings.

Shared Gizmos Lists

Explore Gizmos lists shared by other teachers. If you find a list you like, you can import the list by selecting Import Gizmo list to Classes at the upper right of the page.

Your Gizmos Lists

Link to any of your Shared Gizmos Lists, they will appear in this section. Select a list to make changes.


Learn more about the variety of services our Professional Development team offers to help you get the most out of Gizmos.

Complimentary Webinars

See our latest schedule of complimentary webinars. They offer practical tips and best practices for using Gizmos in the classroom.

Social Media

Follow our latest Twitter and other social media posts to keep current on the latest Gizmos news.

Upcoming Events

Check out customer profiles, featured Gizmos and more at our blog, ExploreLearning News.

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