Adding Your First Students and Class


When you first log in, the “Welcome to Reflex Math” screen helps get you started. To use Reflex with students you need to create a class and add students to it.

  1. Select Add Your Students to Reflex to begin. (Please note: You can also close the screen and set up your class at a later time.)
  2. Choose Add a New Student to add students manually. 
  3. Enter the student information in the new window. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. We strongly recommend using the Student ID number assigned by your school or district for continuity. Once complete, click Add Student.
  4. A confirmation screen will appear with the student credentials, which you can print as a login card. Click OK to close and continue to your new class, where you can add more students.
  5. Your class is automatically named “My First Class.” To change it, click Class Settings and edit the Class Name. In a school-wide implementation, you can also add additional teachers or change the class owner. Click Save to complete.

You can also add students from an existing student roster or import them from a .csv file.

To learn how to add more students, see our article, Adding Students to a Class.


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