Managing a Class Roster


Use the Manage Roster features to make changes to students in a class. To begin, click the appropriate class from your Teacher Dashboard and then click Manage Roster to open the Class Roster.


Editing an individual student

To manage an individual student, click the student’s name in the class roster.

  • Click Change to give a different assignment.
  • Click the Black Pencil Icon in the lower right corner to edit the student’s account information.
  • Click Remove to delete the student.
  • Click Reports to go to the student’s individual Reflex reports.


Editing a group of students

To manage a group of students, click the checkboxes next to the students’ name. To select the entire class, click the checkbox next to Name at the top of the Class Roster. Then use the following features at the bottom of the roster to edit the selected group:

  • Click Grade Level to assign a different grade to the group.
  • Click Assignment to give a different assignment to the group.
  • Click Remove to delete the students in the group.
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