As The Admin How Do I Add/Delete Teachers to My School Account?

  1. Once logged into the admin page you will go under the Teachers tab of the admin home page
  2. Next click the green people icon to the right of the page
  3. This will open a teacher information box that you will complete  and submit
  4. Once you have created the teacher you will need to assign them a classroom by clicking the blue number zero showing under the #classes column
  5. This will bring you to the classroom manager page where you will click the blue link labeled add a classroom and a message will appear in the bottom right corner saying the classroom has been added
  6. Now click the Tab labeled Classrooms and you will be brought to the classroom manager which will reflect the newly added classroom
  7. Click the blue link showing the word classroom and the #, this will allow you to edit the classroom so you may assign it to the teacher
  8. Type the full teacher name just as you have it when you created the teacher, select the grade band K-2, no matter what grade the teacher teaches you will select K-2, and finally select the teacher’s name from the teacher drop down menu and click submit
  9. If you need to remove a teacher’s access you would make the teacher inactive by first selecting the teacher from the teacher tab of you admin account
  10. You will need to make sure all the boxes are filled out and if a grade ban is not selected please use K-2 as the setting.
  11. Uncheck the box next to the word Active and hit submit. This will remove the teacher from your teacher page and will deactivate their login information.
  12. You can also remove the check mark within the active column of the teacher tab and hit update to make the teacher inactive.
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