Importing Via CSV

  1. From your Admin account select the student tab
  2. Select the blue link labeled Add Student Batch
  3. Select the blue link labeled Download Batch Template
  4. Once the file opens you will remove the text from the second line
  5. Create a unique username for the student
  6. Create a password which may only contain 3 or more letters and/or numbers
  7. Add the student’s first and last name with no symbols or accents
  8. Enter the full teacher name as it appears on the classrooms tab of your admin account
  9. Once you have completed the file you will need to save it as a CSV (Comma delimited)
  10. Go back to Add Student Batch section and select your file by pressing the browse button
  11. Once the file is attached press the import data button
  12. Once you have clicked import you will see a message that says “The import has stopped. You students are importing. Do not submit again!”
  13. Click okay on the message and you will return to the students tab of the admin account
  14. If the import file was successful you will see that the number of students enrolled is increasing
  15. If you did not use a teacher name you will see that students are inactive on the student page and you will just need to add them to the classroom by doing the following:

    A. Once you find the teacher you will click the blue number listed under student count associated with that teacher

    B. Once the roster opens you will move the student from the right side labeled unassigned to left side labeled current students by clicking assign

  16. If you find that no students have imported it will mean something is wrong with the import file being used
  17. Possible issues include the following: File did not upload as errors were found on file, use of symbols, spaces, incomplete information, Duplicate student username found and file did not upload, or Incorrect teacher information found and file did not upload
  18. We suggest that you go back over the file and try importing the students one teacher at a time to locate a possible error
  19. If the file still does not import properly try removing all teachers names breaking each import into one classroom and assigning the students to the teacher after importing please refer to Steps A and B listed in #15
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