How Do I Access My Student Reports?


Teachers will have access to student reports within their teacher account. They can find these reports either by selecting the Student Reports link within the resource center of the homepage or by accessing the Teaching Tools option at the top of their home page. Once you are brought to the Reporting Overview page you will follow the steps below to view the reports.

  1. First you will want to make sure that you have the correct classroom selected under the Your Classrooms box on the right hand side.  The green check mark will show which class you are looking at if you have more than one classroom.
  2. The reporting overview page will provide you with the overall student usage all of the students within your chosen classroom.
  3. To see the progress of a student in each module you will first select the book of science you wish to see and then the unit.
  4. Once there you will see each name of the student, each module, and a drop down menu to select what summary of information you wish to display.
  5. A completed activity will be shown as a star or a score that you may click on. Please note most activities will not be scored.
  6. If you see the notebook icon next to the star you may click on it to see the notebook entry the student has made.
  7. If you click on the blue score you will see the activity completed, questions asked, and the answers the student provided.
  8. The drop down menu will provide you with the following options scores and completions, total minutes, first attempt date, and first completion date.
  9. The report will only reflect the time spent if the student was in the activity for over 60 seconds.
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