Student Tools


Within the the student tolls section you will find a quick link to the reports section which will show the student their progress and grades, the assignment details section which shows the student the current assignments, status of completion and range given to be completed. Next they will see a glossary which provides definitions for all the words used in the activities and gives the student different language options, finally they will see the notes icon which will represent the student notebook.


Using the Notebook

Student will see when logged in they have access to different tools one of which is the notebook. This tool is very important as they will be prompted to use the notebook in different activities. Have the student hover over the icon labeled Noted to see the options available. We recommend first they select the help option to watch a short tutorial on how to use their notebook.


My Assignments Section

If the teacher has given the student specific activities to work on they will appear in the box labeled My Assignments. Here student will click the icon and be brought directly to the assigned activity.  


Student Glossary

This glossary will be broken into the same books of science as the program and will contain the definitions for the words used in that book of science. Student will be given the option to select different languages within the glossary as well as the option to hear the words and definitions read to them by clicking the speaker option. 

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